University of SA Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition 2013

Creative concept design Publication design & production Collaboration with Cameron McLean Client: University of South Australia, Visual Arts graduating students (undergraduate, honours, graduate diploma and masters) Project description: Design, develop and publish posters, invites, logo design and exhibition catalogue. One single catalogue booklet sectioned into three different student groups with each of the three sections subsectioned into areas of specialisation. 21x21cm dimension. Exhibition name: Full Circle Design and logo to represent : -completion -generating ideas -connectedness -cyclic -continuous movement -community -arts circle etc The circle may show signs of imperfection and use different circles images/textures for each specialisation. Avoid: holding hands circles, or around the globe circles.

Full Circle
Cameron and I started on separate concept designs until we saw we were working on similar ideas that would work really well together. Our designs began as charcoal drawings of various circles and marks, smudged and smoothed with our fingers. The idea being that smudge marks and finger prints  show the process of making a piece of art; it's hard work, takes time, and can be messy.
Based on our initial concepts the final design provides a cleaner, more polished look illustrating the process of development, from the rough circle to a brighter, colourful and perfect circle as you become more experienced in your artform. The work from approximately 100 visual artists are represented in the catalogue as part of their graduation exhibition and is the outcome of their hard work and time spent building on their skills.
Full Circle exhibition poster
Full Circle exhibition catalogue
Full Circle exhibition invite
Full Circle exhibition catalogue
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